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  • Episode 01-TSA (00:26:10)
    • “Features guests from the Transportation Security Administration, George Naccara, the Federal Security Director and Transportation Security Officer Kerrelee Duffy.”

  • Episode 02-FEMA (00:49:44)
    • “Features guests from FEMA Region 1 discussing their mission, as well as, footage and discussion from local disasters and preparedness. Guests include Don Boyce, Regional Administrator and Paul Ford, Deputy Regional Administrator.”

  • Episode 03-NWS (00:53:51)
    • “Features guests from the National Weather Service and the River Forecast Center discussing the operations and procedures in forecasting and alerting the public to storms and weather related information. Talk in studio and on-site segment at the Taunton facility, as well.”

  • Episode 04-USCIS (00:43:59)
    • “Features guests from Citizenship and Immigration Services, Dorothy Michaud, the Boston Field Office Director and William Kelley, the Lawrence Field Office Director discussing information about USCIS.”
  • Episode 05-FDA (00:37:05)

    • “Features a guest from the Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center for the FDA, as well as, a guest from MIT who partners with the WEAC lab for research. They discuss their ongoing effort to provide adequate information and testing on food and product safety through the FDA. With added on-site visit to the WEAC lab to observe the facility first hand.”

  • Episode 06-National Park Service (00:37:42)
    • “Guests from Boston National Historic Park, Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, Cape Cod National Seashore and New Bedford Whaling National Park. They discuss the history and operations of the National Park Service and how they are active in local communities.”

  • Episode 07-ICE (00:35:23)
    • “Features guests from the Boston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discussing their role in the federal government and community.”

  • Episode 08-Diplomatic Security (00:34:41)
    • “Features guests from Boston Diplomatic Security discussing their role in the federal government and community, as part of the Department of Homeland Security.”

  • Episode 09-Passport Agency (00:34:30)
    • “Guests from the Boston Passport Agency discuss the process regarding obtaining a Passport, and other information about their agency.”

  • Episode 10-Small Business Administration (00:36:27)
    • “Guests from the SBA discuss their role in the Federal Government, and what they do to help small businesses in Massachusetts.”

  • Episode 11-Volpe Transportation Systems Center (00:35:11)
    • “Director from the Volpe Transportation Systems Center sits down with Diane LeBlanc to discuss their role in the Federal Government and community. As well, features on-site interviews with staff at the Volpe Center.”

  • Episode 12-Natick Soldier Systems Center (00:51:03)
    • “Brig. General John McGuiness discusses the many facets of the Natick Soldier Systems Center, and takes host Diane LeBlanc on a guided tour of the facility.”

  • Episode 13-USPIS (00:39:44)
    • “Guests from United States Postal Inspection Service sit down with the host to discuss their role in the Federal Government, and what their role in investigations, protection and fraud prevention within their jurisdiction.”

  • Episode 14-USPS (00:36:05)
    • “Two guests from the United States Postal Service discuss the various aspects of the agency, what they have to offer and the programs available to make mail delivery efficient throughout the country.”

  • Episode 15-CBP (00:41:44)
    • “Guest Kevin Weeks discusses the role of Customs & Border Protection in the Field Operations division and all the aspects related to ensuring safety of people and goods at the various ports of entry into the country.”

  • Episode 16-USCG (00:36:57)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc talks with Rear Admiral Daniel Abel about the role of the United States Coast Guard and their many missions within the United States, as well features interview segments from US Coast Guard Northeast on Boston Harbor.”

  • Episode 17-FEB Jobs (00:28:42)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc speaks with Executive Director of the Boston Federal Executive Board Kim Ainsworth about federal jobs, the hiring process and resources available for job seekers.”

  • Episode 18-USDA APHIS (00:50:25)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc talks with Project Manager, Clint McFarland, of the Massachusetts Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program focusing on the problem in Worcester County and Jamaica Plain. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is part of the USDA that specializes in animal and plant health.”

  • Episode 19-IRS CID (00:36:07)
    • “Host of Your Federal Government, Diane LeBlanc, sits down with Special Agent in Charge Bill Offord and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Phil Hall of the Boston Internal Revenue Criminal Investigation Division to discuss their role and mission in the Federal Government.”

  • Episode 20-HHS AOA (00:35:04)
    • “Diane LeBlanc speaks with Administrator Kathleen Otte and Nutritionist Joseph Carlin of the Administration on Aging, part of Health and Human Services.”

  • Episode 21-DOJ US Marshals (00:45:49)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc interviews the Massachusetts US Marshal John Gibbons and the Maine US Marshal Noel March about their role in the Federal Government.”

  • Episode 22-GSA Inspector General (00:52:16)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc sits down with Inspector General Brian Miller for the GSA and Special Agent in Charge Luis Hernandez to discuss their role in the federal government.”

  • Episode 23-HHS & SAMHSA (00:54:18)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc interviews guests Christie L. Hager, J.D., M.P.H., Regional Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Region One and A. Kathryn Power M.Ed., Regional Administrator-Region 1, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.”

  • Episode 24-SSA Inspector General (00:47:40)
    • “Diane LeBlanc interviews SSA Inspector General Patrick O'Carroll Jr. and Boston Special Agent in Charge Scott Antolik about their roles in the Federal Government.”

  • Episode 25-CMS (00:33:31)
    • “Diane LeBlanc interviews Regional Administrator Raymond Hurd of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which is part of Health and Human Services, about their role in the Federal Government.”

  • Episode 26-MA Health Connector (00:49:42)
    • “Diane LeBlanc talks with Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector, Jean Yang, about how they work with the Federal Government and in healthcare.”

  • Episode 27-Social Security Office of Inspector General (00:40:55)
    • “Diane LeBlanc sits down with two guests, Heather Hermann, National Coordinator of the Cooperative Disabilities Investigations Program and Reggie Hammonds, Team Leader for the Boston Cooperative Disabilities Investigations Unit, to talk about Social Security fraud.”

  • Episode 28-Department of Housing and Urban Development (00:46:26)
    • “Host Diane LeBlanc interviews individuals from HUD on the many different parts of HUD and their role in the federal government.”

  • Episode 29-Bureau of Labor Statistics (00:53:43)
    • “Diane LeBlanc interviews three guests from the New England regional office for the Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics about what their role in the Federal Government. They highlight how their data is compiled through surveys and what the public can expect from BLS.”


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