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  • Episode 01-Dick Butkus’ Quadruple Bypass, Varicose Veins, Dementia and Vegetables (00:28:17)
    • “In the first ever episode of the series, "Health Matters", Dr. Larry Santora and Heidi Cortese begin by discussing the importance of taking care of your health and encouraging a better lifestyle. They first take a look at an innovative varicose veins procedure by Bruce R. Whoyle and then look at the serious heart condition American iconic football legend Dick Butkus comes across during a regular heart exam. Butkus takes us through the journey of his experience almost getting sidelined when he finds out about his heart disease and tells us what he does to save his life.”

  • Episode 02-Heart CT Scans, Cosmetic Botox, Hormone Replacement (00:28:23)
    • “Dr. Larry Santora explains the health benefits of green tea, black tea and chamomile. Dr. George Moro discusses colorectal cancer in men and women, the different types of screenings and when screenings should begin. Dr. Howard Conn talks to Host Dr. Larry Santora about eliminating the puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes with eyelid surgery and sheds light on the advantages between laser versus scalpel surgery.”

  • Episode 03-Sexual Medicine, LapBand, Cholesterol (00:27:31)
    • “Sexual dissatisfaction, overcoming obesity, and the benefits of a common household food are the topics of this episode. Dr. Michael Krychman discusses how sexual dysfunction affects not only men, but women as well, and the types of treatments available. Dr. Jeffrey Johnsrud, Surgeon of Bariatric Care Center of St. Joseph Hospital, goes over the details of the LapBand procedure and the benefits it can bring those who are obese.”

  • Episode 04-Abnormal Heart Rhythms, Acupuncture, Healthy Aspects of Coffee (00:27:56)
    • “Irregular heart rhythms can be solved with 3-D imaging, medicine, and surgical tools as demonstrated by Dr. Jay Lee, Medical Director of Electrophysiology of St. Joseph Hospital. Dr. Ronda Wimmer discusses oriental medicine and demonstrates how acupuncture and cupping effects the body. Lastly, A cup of coffee is analyzed by Dr. Santora to see what benefits and disadvantages come with your morning brew.”

  • Episode 05-Artificial Hearts, Benefits of Wine, Advantages of Aspirin (00:27:16)
    • “Artificial heart technology saves lives. The function of this new heart advancement is shown by Dr. Kelly Tucker, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing at the Orange County Heart Institute. Don Sodaro, owner of Sodaro Estate Winery, explains how he creates his award-winning wine from the grapes to the perfect bottle. Dr. Santora breaks down wine’s health benefits. The wonders of Aspirin and the analysis of different medicine brands are explored by Dr. Santora.”

  • Episode 06-Alzheimer’s, Breast Health, Olive Oil Benefits (00:28:31)
    • “Brain aging and dementia are intimidating topics, but Dr. Carl Cotman, Director for the Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia at UCI, presents an analysis of the brain and shares preventative methods for Alzheimer’s disease. Breast cancer is another concerning disease, but Dr. John West walks us through treatments while giving a tour of his facility, Breast Care and Imaging Center of Orange County. Co-host Heidi Cortese and Dr. Larry Santora discuss the differences between olive oils and advises which one is best for your health."

  • Episode 07-Back Surgery, Down Syndrome, and Shingles (00:27:08)
    • “Former Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball player Rex Hudler opens up about how he and his family handled his son’s Down Syndrome diagnosis, his outreach to other parents in similar situations, and his work with the community through his “Team Up for Down Syndrome” program. Dr. Jack Chen suggests different medical methods to relieve back pain. The shingle vaccine, Zoster Vaccine Live, is examined by Dr. Santora.”

  • Episode 08-Stroke Treatment, Integrative Medicine, Dangers of Grapefruit with Medicine (00:27:31)
    • “Every 45 seconds, someone in America has a stroke. Dr. Howard Dorne of Interventional Radiology at St. Joseph’s Hospital reveals how to recognize symptoms of a stroke and the measures used to treat and reverse the side effects. Dr. Jolanta Lukawski, Medical Director of the Sue and Bill Gross Women’s Medical Center at Hoag Hospital, explains integrative medicine and the effects it has on the body and against diseases. Co-host Dr. Santora breaks down why grapefruits and medications cannot work together.”

  • Episode 09-Lung Cancer, Bypass Surgery, and Vitamin D (00:27:39)
    • “Dr. Raymond Casciari, critical care specialist, explains lung cancer and how to detect it. Is it possible to bypass bypass surgery? Dr. Larry Santora, Medical Director on the Orange County Heart Institute, explains how patients can treat chest pain without bypass surgery. Lastly, explore Vitamin D, its benefits, and why this vitamin is so important.”

  • Episode 10-Autism, Breast Implants, Gardasil HPV Vaccine (00:27:17)
    • “William and Jerrine Murphy share their experience with Autism as medical experts and living their lives with two autistic children, and bring hope to other parents and children living with this now common diagnosis. Dr. Ivan Turpin explains the difference between Saline and Silicon breast implants and the dangers and advantages behind this popular and ever-growing cosmetic procedure. Dr. Larry Santora touches upon the much discussed cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil.”

  • Episode 11-Bone Health, Chiropractors, Bottled vs. Tap Water (00:26:41)
    • “A three year bone degenerative study is broken down by Chapman professors Fedric Saporaso and Dr. Frank Frisch. Together they share their findings on osteoporosis and what can be done to strengthen bones and help prevent this disease. Dr. Mike Milinkovic of the GEO Chiropractic clinic talks about back pain and how chiropractics can be an alternative for back surgery. Co-host Dr. Larry Santora answers the question is bottled water better than tap? Watch for the surprising answer.”

  • Episode 12-Calling 911, Hearing Aids, Coffee Creamers (00:25:49)
    • “Battalion Chief Adrian Montoya lets us in on what to expect when we call 911 for an emergency and what you can do to make the process smoother. Dr. Katy Sullivan reviews the surprising causes of hearing loss with Dr. Larry Santora, along with the latest technology in hearing aids and how to prevent hearing loss at an early age. Guest Co-host Rina Santora weighs in on the benefits and drawbacks of ingredients found in coffee creamers.”

  • Episode 13-Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Organic Food (00:26:02)
    • “Dr. Herbert Rettinger fills us in on what you need to know about Diabetes and on the latest treatments that help battle the disease that targets 8 percent of our population. Guest host Rina Santora weighs in on the benefits of buying organic food. Dr. Ed Lee enlightens us on the difference between snoring and sleep apnea, the causes of snoring and the treatments available for this ever-exhausting condition.”

  • Episode 14-Chronic Pain, Heart Disease, Exercising (00:23:14)
    • “Is exercising in short segments just as effective as working out for one long session? Dr. Larry Santora's answer may surprise you. Dr. Shalizeh Shokooh will explain what you need to know about detecting and preventing heart disease in women, the leading cause of death for the gender. Dr. Melvin Sterling breaks down what palliative care is, the difference between it and hospice care and examines ways to best deal with severe pain.”

  • Episode 15-Eyelid Surgery, Colorectal Cancer, Herbal Teas (00:23:00)
    • “Dr. Larry Santora explains the health benefits of green tea, black tea and chamomile. Dr. George Moro discusses colorectal cancer in men and women, the different types of screenings and when screenings should begin. Dr. Howard Conn talks to Host Dr. Larry Santora about eliminating the puffiness and wrinkles around your eyes with eyelid surgery and sheds light on the advantages between laser versus scalpel surgery.”

  • Episode 16-Bypass Surgery and Infertility (00:27:12)
    • “In this episode of Health Matters, host Dr. Larry Santora discusses the effects of heart attacks. Guest Carol Sterman gives her first hand experience of an acute heart attack in which Dr. Santora actually helped her with. Together, they demonstrate the process of which a heart attack occurs as the patient is being treated. Later, Dr. Brennan Peterson also joins to present on infertility.”

  • Episode 17-Kids and Nutrition, Antioxidants, and Anxiety (00:25:36)
    • “In this episode of Health Matters, Dr. Larry Santora begins with kids and nutrition by bringing in Erin Macdonald, Ph.D., nutrition and fitness coach along with fourth grader, Laurenz Dodge. Together, they learn to construct a breakfast and lunch on a healthier way of eating. Later, Dr. Santora takes a look at the hypes of antioxidants and whether or not they are worth it and finally, discusses anxiety with Dr. Georg H. Eifert to discover what causes anxiety and what to do about it.”

  • Episode 18-Sudden Cardiac Death, Health Program, and Sugar & Sugar Substitutes (00:27:39)
    • “In this episode of Health Matters, host Dr. Larry Santora first discusses sudden cardiac death with guests Regina Faison, wife of late professional football player Derrick Faison and Dr. Anthony Chang, Medical Director of Heart Institute at Children's Hospital of Orange County. Regina Faison talks about her launch of the Derrick Faison Foundation that works to put automated external defibrillators in public buildings. Next, Santora presents on sugars and substitutes and the benefits and disadvantages of them. Deborah A. Proctor, CEO of St. Joseph Health System discusses her focus on childhood obesity and how she is giving back to the community through health support with her health program.”

  • Episode 19-Fibromyalgia, Energy Drinks, Focal Hand Dystonia (00:28:24)
    • “In this episode of Health Matters, host Dr. Larry Santora discusses fibromyalgia, energy drinks, and focal hand dystonia. Guest Dr. Robin Dore, rheumatologist at St. Joseph Hospital explains the chronic widespread pain of fibromyalgia and symptoms of this condition. Next, Santora presents on whether or not energy drinks are safe for the body. Lastly, Santora lectures on focal hand dystonia, a neurological disorder which is complicated and frustrating for those who live with it. Alison McKenzie, professor of the department of physical therapy at Chapman University joins Dr. Larry Santora in the discussion about this condition.”

  • Episode 20-Lasik Eye Surgery, Cramps, Intensive Care Unit (00:28:22)
    • “Today on Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora, guest Dr. Lawrence Chao from Chao Vision Institute explains the Lasik vision correction surgery process. Chao then discusses intraocular contact lens and cataracts. Next, Santora discusses how to prevent charley horses/cramps through multiple methods. Dr. Larry Santora steps out of the studio and into the hospital to visit the intensive care unit at St. Joseph's hospital to see all the life changing procedures that happens daily. Dr. Joseph Preston, critical-care physician joins Dr. Larry Santora in this discussion.”


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